At VouchFor we believe that the recruitment industry is often inefficient for both the employer and jobseeker and way too costly for employers. VouchFor aims to supply the same level of employment service as expected by any employer at a reduced price and at the same time leveraging off referrals by using our vast network of job seekers and contractors and our technology to refer and place quality staff in roles.

We know that recruitment is difficult and that finding good staff is always the most important aspect of business. We also believe that the cost of recruitment should not be so high for employers. with our combined experience we know that referral recruitment has so many benefits to both employer and jobseeker and we are prepared to pay our referrers for that benefit. All research shows that referral recruitment is the best channel for hiring quality staff. It is faster to onboard staff, cheaper for employers and referred staff stay longer in roles. We believe that our existing and past colleagues are our best sales and marketing. This is why we have developed a referral based system to identify specific qualified staff who are able to deliver the clients project needs to their expectations and beyond.

Conversion to hire rates for referrals are higher than any other recruitment channel. Research has shown referral recruitment is the #1 recruitment channel. Compared to job sites and recruiters, referred candidates stay longer, are hired faster and are cheaper to on-board. VouchFor incentivises referrers for their recommendations of quality resources by paying an ongoing commission daily or a flat referral fee for perm staff. With VouchFor, employers pay way below the industry standard margins and hire quality staff far quicker.

Employers Win

Employers reduce their cost of recruitment due to our lower recruitment margins. They also increase their reach for quality candidates using our network of referrers who only recommend people with relevant skills and experience. VouchFor will perform candidate searches, vetting and screening, candidate shortlisting, interview facilitation, referrer interviews, even police checks if required and much more.

Referrers Win

VouchFor believe in rewarding referrers for their quality referrals. For contractors we pay a daily commission (day rate contracts) for the life of the contract. For permananent placements we pay a flat fee where a candidate they refer is successfully placed. The more contacts a referrer has on their team that is employed through VouchFor, the more money they can earn.

Jobseekers Win

Jobseekers can get paid higher as our recruitment margins are at an industry low. Jobseekers are referred roles that suit them by people who actually know them and can vouch for them. This is proven to add job satisfaction and inevitably a longer period of employment. VouchFor also supply all contractor insurance needs as well as all payroll management services such as superannuation, GST and tax payments.


For Referral Recruitment

Step 1

Referrers view roles on the VouchFor network and refer their friends. VouchFor will screen each candidate and complete reference checking prior (where applicable) to passing on the first 3 applicable candidates to the employer for review.

Step 2

Company selects the top candidates to interview. If their friend is successful in getting the job the referrer will earn 2% of their friends daily rate or 1.5% of a perm salary as a flat reward.

Step 3

The successful candidate will be hired and where applicable, receive top insurance cover as well as complete PAYG payroll services covered by VouchFor.


These are just some of our services but we have many more so just ask us...

Candidate Search

Vetting and screening

Candidate Shortlisting

Reference & police checking

Offer negotiations

Contractor payroll and insurance cover


As experienced professionals all having spent many years in contracting, the founders of VouchFor were exposed to the logistical challenges of accessing new job opportunities or employers directly. VouchFor is driven by professionals with experience across financial services operations, change management and IT development functions.

Justin Davis

20 years experience in banking and finance IT projects. Justin has been involved in multiple start-ups pursuing innovative opportunities outside corporate life. Having contracted for six years, Justin has experienced first hand the challenges we face in traditional recruitment. For him, VouchFor was a light bulb moment!

Neil McNaught

With over 20 year experience in business analysis, solutions architecture, Project / Programme management and pre-sales, Neil’s focus is on business growth, sales and marketing within Australia and the Asia Pacific

Chris Colman

Chris is the CIO of Step Ahead Software for almost 20 years offering technology solutions to SME businesses in Australia. Chris’ skills and technology platforms are invaluable to making VouchFor’s vision a reality.

Nick Hedges

Nick has over 15 years experience in HR and recruitment as well as running his own HR consulting business for the last 7 years. Nick is well positioned as VouchFor's SME on HR and recruitment and will be invaluable to take VouchFor to market.

Leo Coutinho

With experience of greater than 8 years in distributed Web applications design and development using variety of technologies, frameworks and libraries, Leo is primed to supply VouchFor’s clients with the best mobile experience on the market.

Jon Nesher

Jon is the financial cog in the wheel making sure that VouchFor is compliant and always pays bills on time. Jon has over 20 years experience as a chartered accountant having worked in Israel and Australia for an impressive list of large employers.

Our Current Vacancies

These are just some of our current vacancies. Register today to see details of each one and either apply or refer somebody you know who's right for the position.

Title Term Location DailyRate
.Net / CRM Developers 6 Months Canberra $Depends on experience
Account Manager Permanent Sydney $80000
Developer (Angular / .NET Core) 6 Months Sydney $Depends on experience
Full stack developers 6 Months Sydney $Depends on experience
Full-Stack Developer – .Net/C# Permanent Sydney $80-120K depending on experience
Informatica Consultants 6 Months Melbourne $Depends on experience
Java Engineer Permanent Sydney $100,000
Senior Test Engineers 6 Months Canberra $Depends on experience
Service Designer 6 Months Sydney $Depends on experience
System Analysts x 3 6 Months Canberra $Depends on experience
User experience design Researcher 6 Months Melbourne $Depends on experience

Current Vacancies

Saved per employee by our clients (avg)


All recruitment pricing includes all avilable recruitment services outlined in our terms and conditions

Contract Recruitment
12% of day rate inc super
  • Payroll Services
  • Full contractor insurance cover (20M PL/PI and workers comp)
  • Invoicing
Referral Contract Recruitment
12% of day rate inc super
(includes 2% of day rate paid to referrer)
  • Payroll Services
  • Full contractor insurance cover (20M PL/PI and workers comp)
  • Invoicing

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